Thunderbots presentation on STEM Learning Exchange at First Championship in Houston April 2019

About the STEM Learning Exchange program

This program works through libraries to offer free robotics classes for kids which are conducted by First Lego League teams. The Thunderbots a robotics team based in Sacramento, CA started this program by working with Orangevale Public Library. They worked with the library to purchase kits and design a robotics education program that could be offered in the library. The classes are scheduled to be two hours each week and the library publishes information about the sessions. In each class, they teach a building and programming activity. The first couple of classes are designed be super simple to get the kids interested. It is amazing to see what kids without any prior exposure to robotics or programming can accomplish and their excitement on building their first robot and getting it to move! The Thunderbots were motivated by the fact that they got to give local kids exposure to a great program totally free. Kids can nurture their interest in robotics and hopefully get interested to start their ownFIRST LEGO League team with this newfound knowledge. So they have now taken this program worldwide and help match interested libraries and team, and provide the framework including startup advise and recommended curriculum for this program.

Presenting the STEM Learning Exchange program in Houston


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